About Technically Computers

Technically Computers is a sole proprietorship by me, Alex. I provide professional IT support services for small and medium businesses, and the local community here in Chatham, ON.

Diverse Services Offered

I offer a wide variety of IT services including data recovery, OS software support, business application support, local network infrastructure support, PC, laptop, and mobile device repairs, and more.

Mac & PC Repair

Bypass or reset password security to login to an account on Windows or MacOS. As long as the computer's storage is not encrypted, I just need physical access to the device and I can either unlock the account or get your data back into a new user account.

Virus Cleaning or Full Reload

General PC troubleshooting, hardware upgrades, and custom PC assembly I charge $50 per hour. Note: Troubleshooting often involves a lot of long tests that run for hours. I only consider the time it takes to set up tests and respond to their results as billible time. For example, I may need your computer for a couple days, but only charge you a couple hours.

Data Recovery

Data recovery sometimes means recovering photos or documents from a defective flash drive ($50), recovering thousands of photos on your portable hard disk drive ($75), or recovering data from a failed hard drive in a working computer, and replacing that drive, reinstalling the software, and restoring your data ($150 + parts).

Submit a Support Ticket

Open a support ticket with me using the form below, provide your contact information, and I will reach back out to you as soon as possible about your request. You can sign in to my support website to view all our correspondence, even if you lose your emails.

Note About Scheduling

Because I cannot do this as my full time job, I still have other work I'm committed to first, on a flexible schedule, so I cannot always be available on short notice.
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