Alexander Vanderveen

I am a professional computer service technician who's been serving the Fort St. John area for almost 3 years, and started a family here. I work to provide quality computer repairs, advice, data recovery, and other services mostly either from home or on site after hours.

Technically Computers

Local, flexible, and professional computer and technology services in Fort St. John and the surrounding area.

Technically Computers is my sole proprietorship, where I am available after hours and on weekends to arrange service or support. I can offer many services including but not limited to these examples below.

Forgot your password, or locked out of a device you own? Usually I can work around that.
I am very effective at detecting, removing, and preventing future malicious software.
Liquid damage repair; cleaning your hardware, and replacing parts if necessary.
Hardware upgrades, and assembly of custom desktop PCs.
Logical data recovery services, to help you recover your missing work, or memories.
Remote support for when it's not practical to make other arrangements.
Network installation and support services available for local businesses who need help with their wired, wireless networks, routers, switchers, or servers.
I am officially CompTIA Network+ Certified, and you can check that claim with Acclaim by Credly who can verify my certification and issue date.

Contact Me

I run this business after hours and on weekends exclusively, and while I am not available on call, I am responsive and can arrange to call you back. Contact me at [email protected] or at one of the links below.